How To Replace the Fob for Your Garage Door

If you have an automated garage door, you will also have an electronic key fob that you use to operate it. This handy device allows you to open your garage door at the touch of a button by sending a direct radio signal to a sensor mounted on the door itself or a nearby wall.

But what happens if you lose your fob or it is stolen? In this article, we will show you how to replace the fob for your garage door by walking you through a few simple steps:

Erase the remote from memory and reset the opening code

If your house key was stolen, the first thing you would do is get the locks changed for your own peace of mind. This is the same principle. By erasing the remote from your garage opener’s memory and resetting the activation code, you ensure that even if someone gets their hands on your fob, they won’t be able to access your garage. Read the owner’s manual for your automatic garage door opener to find out how to do this.

Buy a replacement remote fob for your garage door opener

This is, of course, the obvious next step. Until you get yourself a new remote fob, you will have to open the door manually (which we will discuss later in this article). If you visit the website of your garage door opener’s manufacturer, you can normally purchase a replacement fob directly from them. Alternatively, your local garage door installer may have a stock of fobs for the most common makes and models. If you can’t find one through either of these routes, there are universal remotes that work with most openers and can be found in hardware stores or online with little difficulty.

If you have a spare fob for your automated garage door opener, you can skip this step, although you should probably think about getting a replacement for your spare at the earliest possibility.

Install the new remote on the garage door opener

Just as you erased the lost or stolen fob from the opener’s memory, to get the replacement device working, you will need to sync it up with the opening mechanism. Most openers incorporate a “learn code” function to manage this task, though, again, you should check the user’s manual to find out the specific process for your model.

While that will get your electric garage door working again, it may take a few days or so to order and receive your new fob. What should you do with your garage door in the meantime, and how can you avoid this situation in the future?

Learn how to open your garage door manually

Electric garage door openers are a convenient tool; they don’t actually stop you from opening and closing the door the old-fashioned way. If it’s been a while since you’ve operated the door manually, just make sure to avoid the door as it swings out if it’s an up-and-over model. Also, remember that opening and closing the door is just part of the process. Make sure you lock it properly once it’s closed. That may sound like obvious advice, but it’s easy to forget if you’re used to operating it remotely with your fob.

Keep your new fob safe

The best way to prevent your garage door fob from being stolen or going missing is to keep it on your person at all times. Hook it onto the same keyring as your house keys, since you’re unlikely to leave those behind, if only out of habit. An opportunistic thief is also less likely to try to take a set of domestic keys since they are heavier, noisier, and harder to conceal.

Replacing your Garage Door Fob: Final Thoughts

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